The Online Exhibitionist in Me Has Been Released


I’ve had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me for a while now.  For years I used to love the idea of someone watching me.  I could be changing, walking around nude, or enjoying a sexual encounter, but I’d probably find some way to leave my curtains drawn or some unobstructed view of me. There’s no question being an exhibitionist is much easier when you’re a woman.  I can always claim I was being careless and no one generally complains when I’m naked.  A man in comparison is promptly arrested or at the very least ridiculed if people see his dong.  I’m not going to address that double standard but I’ll share a couple of experiences I’ve had and how living the exhibitionist lifestyle is getting easier all the time.

Going on vacation especially to a tropical location is an exhibitionist’s dream.  There’s nothing like doing the deed on the beach in the middle of the day in an exotic location.  I always think if people do see I’ll never actually see them again after the vacation, so what’s the harm?  This is always an exhilarating experience.  One vacation about two years ago with a group of fiends included a threesome on the beach at sunset.  Now I make sure all of my vacations are on a beach and far enough away to feel that extra freedom.

New broadcast and video sharing sites on the internet has made it incredibly easy to get that thrill of being watched.  I love the idea of men pleasuring themselves to me and being shown in the same sights as professional porn stars.  I like to record, edit and upload my videos to sites and watch my views go up.  The problem with showing too much online was the potential of revealing my identity with the entire world.  I like being watched but I don’t need something following me for life.  I decided to pick up a few things that would help.

First on my list was some sort of mask.  It worked for superheroes right?   The best style that worked for me was something that just covered the eyes like my suede mask from Ouch (  I found a mask of this style was just enough to keep that needed mystery and I could show my entire body on my videos and not just from my neck down.

Next, I decided to get a couple of wigs.  Changing my hair colour was always fun for me and I like keeping my audience guessing.  My favourite so far is a long dark purple wig, It works well with my skin-tone and the colour makes me feel more like a fantasy character.

When sharing sexy videos online you also want to have the right sex toys, lighting and for the more advanced, video editing programs for that finished touch.  I may touch on these aspects at a later time but this gives you an Idea how I satisfied my exhibitionist cravings in new and exciting ways


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